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Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha
Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

Co Founder - Global Grit

“Where we start is rarely where we end up. I should know.”

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, the advocate of emotional health, and leadership coach.

Neeta left her million-dollar dentistry practice to pursue her inner truth; a journey which saw her spend over 15 years across 45 countries researching and immersing herself in the field human behaviour, as well as studying the works of classical philosophers and modern psychology.

Her pursuit of knowledge to understand human behaviour in order to create positive life transformation is sparked by her own life experience to overcome multiple extreme adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and facing homelessness.

Neeta’s approach seamlessly blends the emotional grit she developed to overcome personal adversity with the understanding of human behavioural patterns. The power of her coaching and message has transformed the lives of thousands across the world and set the bar for a new form of emotional leadership.

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